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PVS-coated graphene

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Image only illustrates the order and placement of components as described in literature.


electrochemically exfoliated graphene

exfoliated graphite nanosheets few-layer graphene nanosheets graphitic carbon nanosheets graphene nanoplatelets graphite nanoplatelets multilayered graphene few-layered graphene graphene nanosheets graphite nanosheets multilayer graphene graphite nanoplates few-layer graphene few layer graphene few-layer graphite carbon nanosheets graphitic layers graphene sheets graphite sheets graphene film exfoliated GR few-layer GNS nanographite ML-graphene Gr sheets graphene GNP CNS FLG MLG GNS GN GS Gr
Type Nano Material
Role core

poly(vinyl sulfate) with immobilized polysulfides on polymer backbone

PVS with immobilized polysulfides on polymer backbones
Type Polymer
Role layer


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