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Pt/NbOx/amorphous carbon

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amorphous carbon nanoparticles

KetjenblackTM EC-660JD carbon KetjenblackTM EC600JD carbon carbon black N115 particles carbon black nanoparticles Ketjenblack nanoparticles Vulcan XC-72 carbon black candle soot nanoparticles Super-P acetylene black amorphous carbon powder carbon black nanofiller carbon nanoparticles Super P carbon black super P carbon black Super-P carbon black annealed nanodiamond Vulcan XC-72 carbon Ketjenblack carbon Black pearls 2000 Super P Li carbon amorphous carbon AC nanoparticles carbon particles C nanoparticles Super-P carbon super P carbon Vulcan XC-72R Ketjen black® Vulcan carbon carbon black Vulcan XC-72 Vulcan XC72R Ketjen black carbon dots Vulcan X72 Super-P-Li carbon NP KB carbon Super P Super-P super P super-P BP2000 CS NP CB SP AC CD KB
Type Nano Material
Role carriers

substoichiometric niobium oxide

niobium suboxide niobium oxide
Type Single Compound
Formula NbO(x)
Role loaded material

Pt particles

Type Nano Material
Role loaded material

platinum(2+) cation

platinum(II) cation platinum(2+) ion platinum(II) ion platinum cation platinum ion platinum(2+) platinum(II) Pt(II) ions Pt2+ ion Pt2+
Type Single Compound
Formula Pt2+
Role loaded material


Method Nanomaterial Variant Source
extended X-ray absorption fine structure

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Method 1

Type: Chemical synthesis
Starting materials
  1. z4u6Yhg

Pt/NbOx/amorphous carbon

Size: not specified

Medium/Support: none


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