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rhodamine B isothiocyanate-labeled calcium phosphate nanospheres

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calcium phosphate nanoparticles

calcium phosphate nanorods CaP nanoparticles CaP nanorods CaP NP CaPR
Type Nano Material
Role core

9-[2-carboxy-4-({[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]carbamothioyl}amino)phenyl]-6-(diethylamino)-N,N-diethyl-3H-xanthen-3-iminium chloride moiety

rhodamine B isothiocyanate-3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane moiety APTMS-RITC conjugate moiety RBITC-APTES moiety RITC-APTES moiety RITC-APTES
Type Single Compound
Formula -C32H38ClN4O6SSi-
Role layer

Biological effects

Biological system Test details Nanomaterial Variant Source
small intestine loop of male Sprague-Dawley rat

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