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porous graphene oxide

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highly oxidized graphene oxide nanosheets

electrochemically reduced graphene oxide single-layer laser-scribed graphene reduced graphene oxide nanosheets epoxy-containing graphene oxide chemically converted graphene coal-derived graphene oxide graphene oxide nanosheets electrodeposited graphene epoxydated graphene oxide oxygen patterned graphene reduced graphene oxide nanographene oxide oxidized graphene HOGO nanosheets graphene oxide GO nanosheets epoxydated GO graphene epoxy GO nano-GO GO-2d ERGO CDGO RGO rGO CCG NGO EGR GOO GO
Type Nano Material
Role raw materials

potassium(1+) ion

potassium cation potassium(I) ion potassium ion K+ ion
Type Single Compound
Formula K1+
Role loaded material


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