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fluorescent sodium labeled tenofovir-loaded Eudragit S-100® nanoparticles

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Eudragit S-100®

Type Polymer
Role carriers

({[(2R)-1-(6-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)propan-2-yl]oxy}methyl)phosphonic acid

({[(2R)-l-(6-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)propan-2-yl]oxy}methyl)phosphonic acid (R)-9-(2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)-adenine (R)-9-[2-(phosphonomethoxy)propyl]adenine tenofovir Viread® PMPA TFV TNF
Type Single Compound
Formula C9H14N5O4P
Role loaded material

fluorescein disodium salt

fluorescein sodium salt fluorescein disodium fluorescein sodium fluorescent sodium sodium fluorescein F-Na Flu FL FS
Type Single Compound
Formula C20H10Na2O5
Role loaded material

Biological effects

Biological system Test details Nanomaterial Variant Source
human vaginal epithelial VK2 E6/E7 cells

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