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covalent triazine frameworks hybridized with carbon nanoparticles

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covalent triazine frameworks

Type Polymer
Role raw materials

Vulcan® XC-72R carbon nanoparticles

Vulcan XC-72 carbon nanoparticles acetylene carbon nanoparticles acetylene black nanoparticles STREM acetylene carbon black acetylene black nanospheres channel black nanoparticles furnace black nanoparticles high structure carbon black thermal black nanoparticles carbon black nanoparticles example of nanoparticles lamp black nanoparticles Carbon Black N110 type acetylene black carbon nanoscale carbon black carbon black nanoclay carbon nanoparticles Super P carbon black super-P carbon black SP carbon additive carbon black XE2B AB nanoparticles CB nanoparticles carbon black NP Vulcan® XC-72R Printex® XE-2 nanoscale CB nanocarbon Super P CB NP CB AB CP VC
Type Nano Material
Role raw materials


Method Nanomaterial Variant Source
transmission electron microscopy

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Method 1

Type: Chemical synthesis
Starting materials
  1. X3LXI2SvOkRFeSau
  2. ltgKP8CgDvvryfY3
  3. i7NSt

covalent triazine frameworks hybridized with carbon nanoparticles

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