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partially reduced CeO2 nanoparticles

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cerium(IV) cation

cerium(IV) ion cerium ion cerium Ce(IV)
Type Single Compound
Formula Ce4+
Role core

cerium(III) cation

cerium(III) ion cerium(3+) ion cerium cation cerium ion cerium(3+) Ce(3+) Ce3+
Type Single Compound
Formula Ce3+
Role dopant

oxygen(2-) anion

oxygen(2-) ion oxygen(II) ion oxygen anion oxygen ion O2- ion O2-
Type Single Compound
Formula O2-
Role dopant

hydroxide anion

hydroxyl group hydroxyl anion hydroxide ion hydroxyl ion hydroxy ion hydroxide hydroxyl
Type Single Compound
Formula OH1-
Role layer


Method Nanomaterial Variant Source
infrared spectroscopy

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