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Na2MnPO4F/C composite & acetylene black & Ketjen black in LA133 on Al foil

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LA133 binder

Type Complex Compound
Role binder

micro-nano structured Na2MnPO4F/C composite

Na2MnPO4F/C composite
Type Nano Material
Role fillers

acetylene black

channel black furnace black thermal black carbon black lamp black
Type Single Compound
Formula C
Role fillers

amorphous carbon nanoparticles

KetjenblackTM EC-660JD carbon KetjenblackTM EC600JD carbon carbon black N115 particles carbon black nanoparticles Ketjenblack nanoparticles candle soot nanoparticles Vulcan XC-72 carbon black carbon black nanofiller Super-P acetylene black amorphous carbon powder carbon nanoparticles Super P carbon black Super-P carbon black super P carbon black annealed nanodiamond Vulcan XC-72 carbon Ketjenblack carbon Black pearls 2000 Super P Li carbon carbon particles amorphous carbon AC nanoparticles C nanoparticles super P carbon Super-P carbon Vulcan XC-72R Vulcan carbon Ketjen black® carbon black Vulcan XC-72 Ketjen black Vulcan XC72R carbon dots Vulcan X72 Super-P-Li carbon NP KB carbon Super-P Super P super P super-P C-dots BP2000 CS NP CD KB AC CB SP
Type Nano Material
Role fillers


General physical and chemical properties

Property Value Nanomaterial Variant Source
Coulombic efficiency

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Method 1

Type: Physical formation
Starting materials
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Na2MnPO4F/C composite & acetylene black & Ketjen black in LA133 on Al foil

Size: not specified

Medium: none

Support: aluminium


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