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mesoporous TiO2/mesoporous ZrO2/mesoporous carbon

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example of nanoporous dielectric material

example of n-type nanoporous structure mesoporous titanium dioxide mesoporous titanium oxide nanoporous TiO2 coating mesoporous TiO2 layer TiO2 nanoporous layer TiO2 nanoporous film mesoporous TiO2 film titanium(IV) oxide mesoporous titania titanium dioxide mesoporous TiO2 Dyesol DS-18NRT mesoporous TiO2 nanoporous TiO2 titania xerogel titanium oxide nonporous TiO2 TiO2 matrix meso-TiO2 titania mp-TiO2 m-TiO2 mpTiO2 22-TB G24i
Type Nano Material
Role layer

example of thermally stable mesoporous material

example of mesoporous material nanoporous zirconia mesoporous ZrO2 mp-ZrO2
Type Nano Material
Role layer

activated carbon from dried resorcinol-formaldehyde polymer gel

activated carbon from resorcinol-formaldehyde polymer resin example of thermally stable mesoporous material activated carbon from dried RF polymer gel activated carbon from RF polymer resin example of nano-porous carbon material highly ordered mesoporous carbon ordered mesoporous carbon powder example of mesoporous material highly porous activated carbon nano-porous carbon material amorphous nanoporous carbon ordered mesoporous carbon mesoporous carbon RF1-800 mesocellular carbon foam mesoporous carbon CMK-3 nanoporous YP-17 carbon mesocarbon microbeads 3D nanoporous carbon nanoporous carbon mesoporous carbon nanopowder carbon activated carbon carbon aerogel porous carbon Vulcan XC-72 carbon Norit carbon YP-17 Vulcan XC72 carbon foam 3DOm carbon mp-carbon 3D-NPC CMK-3 C-1-O YP-17 MCMB OMCP OMC NPC AC MC
Type Nano Material
Role layer




Biological effects



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