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Fe-doped ZIF-8 nanocrystals

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zinc zeolitic imidazolate framework

Zn zeolitic imidazolate framework zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 zeolite imidazolate framework-8 zeolitic imidazolate frameworks ZIF-8 metal-organic framework bis(2-methylimidazolate) zinc zeolite imidazolate framework zeolite imidazole framework 8 zinc bis(2-methylimidazolate) bis(2-methylimidazolate)zinc zinc(II) 2-methylimidazolate [Zn(2-methylimidazolate)2]n zeolite imidazole framework Zn(II) 2-methylimidazolate 2-methylimidazolate zinc Zn(2-methylimidazolate)2 zinc 2-methylimidazolate Basolite Z1200TM SOD-[Zn(mim)2] Basolite Z1200 ZIF-8 MOF Zn(MeIm)2 Zn(mIm)2 Zn(mim)2 Zn-ZIF ZIF-8 MAF-4
Type Single Compound
Formula C8H10N4Zn
Role raw materials

iron(II) cation

iron(II) cation divalent iron iron(II) ions iron(2+) ion iron(II) ion Fe2+ cation iron cation Fe(II) ion Fe2+ ion iron ion iron(2+) iron(II) ferrous Fe(2+) Fe2++
Type Single Compound
Formula Fe2+
Role dopant




Method Source
scanning transmission electron microscopy

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Biological effects


Method 1

Type: Chemical synthesis
Starting materials
  • iron(II) sulphate heptahydrate
  • zinc nitrate hexahydrate
  1. JI5Ow8ceqhowMN

Fe-doped ZIF-8 nanocrystals


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