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hexafluorophosphate-doped graphene in contact with molybdenum disulfide

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aggregated chemically exfoliated MoS2 sheets

aggregated chemically exfoliated MoS2 sheets transition metal dichalcogenides nanosheets molybdenum sulfide monolayer nanosheets example of graphene-like material single layer molybdenum disulfide molybdenum(IV) sulfide monolayer molybdenum sulfide single layers molybdenum disulfide nanosheets molybdenum disulfide monolayers monolayer molybdenum disulfide molybdenum disulfide monolayer molybdenum disulfide nanosheet monolayer MoS2 heterostructure molybdenum sulfide nanosheets molybdenum sulfide monolayers molybdenum sulfide nanoflakes molybdenum sulfide monolayer molybdenum sulfide nanosheet single-layer MoS2 nanosheets monolayer molybdenum sulfide monolayer MoS2 nanosheets suspended MoS2 monolayers suspended MoS2 nanosheets mono-layer MoS2 crystals exfoliated MoS2 sheets monolayer MoS2 flakes MoS2 monolayer flakes monolayer MoS2 sheets 2D-molybdenum sulfide two-dimensional MoS2 molybdenum disulfide monolayer MoS2 film single-layered MoS2 1L MoS2 nanosheets 1L MoS2 nanoflakes 2D MoS2 monolayers MoS2 single layers 2D monolayer MoS2 MoS2 single layer monolayer of MoS2 single layer MoS2 MoS2 nanosheets MoS2 monolayers MoS2 nanoflakes monolayer MoSe2 mono-layer MoS2 exfoliated MoS2 MoS2 nanoflakes MoS2 monolayers monolayer MoS2 MoS2 monolayer MoS2 monolayer MoS2 crystals MoS2 flakes MoS2 sheets MoS2 flake ML MoS2 NS 1-L MoS2 1L MoS2 MoS2 NS MoS2 ML ML-MoS2 1L-MoS2 2D-MoS2 e-MoS2
Type Nano Material
Role layer

graphene nanosheets

graphene sheets graphene
Type Nano Material
Role layer

hexafluorophosphate anion

hexafluorophosphate group PF6- group PF6- ions
Type Single Compound
Formula F6P
Role dopant


General physical and chemical properties

Property Value Nanomaterial Variant Source
band gap

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Area Application Nanomaterial Variant Source

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Biological effects



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