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DCV5T-Me(3,3)-coated C60 film

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example of optionally substituted fullerene

polycrystalline fullerite C60 fullerene nanoparticles C60 fullerene particles (C60-Ih)[5,6]fullerene (C60-Ih)[5,6]fullerene example of fullerene buckminsterfullerene fullerene-C60 anion fullerene molecule C60 nanoparticles fullerene layer C60 fullerenes C60 fullerenes [60]fullerene C60 fullerene fullerene-C60 fullerene[60] C60 fullerene C60-fullerene Ceo fullerene fullerene C60 fullerene C60 fullerene-C60 C60 molecule C60 molecule fullerenes C60 peapod fullerene buckyball C60 anion C60- C60 C60
Type Nano Material
Role layer

2,2'-((3'',4''-dimethyl- [2,2':5',2'':5'',2' '':5' '',2''''-quinquethiophene]-5,5''''-diyl)-bis (methylidene))dimalononitrile

2,2'-((3',4'-dimethyl-pentathiophene-5,5'-diyl) bis-(methylidene)) dimalononitrile DCV5T-Me(3,3) DCV-5T-Me
Type Single Compound
Formula C30H16N4S5
Role layer


General physical and chemical properties

Property Value Source
charge-transfer binding energy

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Area Application Source
power generation

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Biological effects



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